Fill Your Bowl and Someone Else’s at Empty Bowls

Saturday April 13, 2013: There’s a lot more to be gained from having lunch at Empty Bowls at St. James Episcopal Church on Saturday than just filling your hungry stomach. Empty Bowls is the annual fundraiser to support the St. James Food Pantry; you help fill someone else’s hungry stomach, too.

It is a tasty lunch. Fresh soup from more than twelve local chefs and fine desserts from local restaurants make for an easy and delicious reason to stop by. Then there’s the added benefit of getting to choose a handmade ceramic soup bowl to take home after you’ve eaten. More than twenty potters have donated the 200 bowls that lunch-goers get to choose from when they join the soup line. Many of the artists are associated with Taos Clay & Wannamaker Pottery.  It is quite a delight to stand over the hundreds of bowls and pick the one (or several) that you’d like to take home and enjoy with your morning oatmeal.

soup bowls 2

Empty Bowls also features silent-auction treasures and raffles from local shops and artists. Artists like Thom Wheeler, Jack Nottingham, and Anna Mae Patterson have contributed works.    

Empty Bowls supports the St. James Food Pantry, which helps meet the needs of Taos residents who need help with meals. St. James provides food staples on Thursdays 1:00 to 5:00 PM to any and all who show up to receive food. They typically give more than 600 bags to families each week; each bag contains a selection of items like beans, rice, oatmeal, cans of food, and fresh produce. Annually the Food Pantry distributes approximately 129 tons of food.  Empty Bowls supports this important need in Taos.

So for an hour or so, you can enjoy a hot bowl of soup, in a beautiful handmade ceramic bowl, finish it off with a tasty cupcake and some good conversation.  Browse for a little gift for your sweetheart and support St. James Food Pantry at the same time.  It’s a deal, and a delicious and generous one at that.

See you Saturday at 12:00-2:00pm at St. James Episcopal Church at 208 Camino de Santiago, at Gusdorf. Tickets are $20 each.