The Burger Stand at the Taos Ale House: Open for Business!

Since Kevyn is vegetarian, I decided to take one for the team and go try out the food at The Burger Stand at Taos Ale House. Bobby Joe had been posting pictures all day of these amazing burgers and I thought, “No way, they are probably just regular old bar food burgers.”

I was completely wrong.

When I got there, I was welcomed like Norm on Cheers and that made me really happy, so already I’m thinking this is going to be a great lunch. I watched some hockey on the big screen while I tried to decide what burger to get. It was a tough decision. Here is a quick rundown of your choices:

–> The Classic, with Vermont white cheddar and some tomatoes and stuff
–> Kobe, American Kobe beef with pickled onions and truffle butter
–> Black and Blue, blue cheese and granny smith apple chutney
–> Fire, topped with avocado and habernero cactus jam
–> Smoke, with applewood smoked bacon and gouda cheese
–> Barnyard Bash, fried chicken breast burger with avocado, bacon, swiss and spicy bbq sauce
–> Catfish Po Boy, served with spicy creole slaw and veggies
and, last but not least,
–> Green Chile Cheeseburger, with fresh hatch chili and pepper jack cheese


Now there are a lot of other things on the menu, but all I care about is burgers. You will have to be the judge of the entrees!

My Green Chile Cheeseburger was bad ass. Cooked to perfection. It was explained that they are actually made from steak and come from humanely-raised, farm-fed Angus beef. The cook was stoked that I was enjoying it, and everyone was just in hamburger heaven over there. Heck, they even have a side bar just for dipping sauces. Different mustards and sauces, even one that was called roasted marshmallow, I didn’t try it but later wished I had when I saw another patron talking about it.

Anyone that wants to support a non-franchised local business, AND get a delicious burger for less than ten bucks should get over to The Burger Stand at Taos Ale House. Out of 5 Stars, I give this burger a 6.