2014 Storytelling Festival Recap


The entire festival went off without a hitch. The “Storied Wheels”  launch event on Thursday night had a great turnout. Many of the local authors had the opportunity to read their short stories, and it was great to see a venue jam-packed. It was great to hear some of the stories from the book by the authors themselves in their own voices. With touching stories, to funny stories, all centered around a car.

The young writer’s program event, What I See, What I Can Change on Friday night at the Harwood was delightful. It was inspiring and heartwarming to see young people in the community stand up, speak up, and make that difference.Its great to see an active effort to empower young writers.

The final night of the festival included a performance from three very unique storytellers from different walks of life. The diversity was most desirable.


First, an enjoyable performance by our beloved “Cisco” Guevara, a local favorite told his thrilling river rafting stories, who also by the way will be making an appearance on “The Bachelor,” bringing down the law on river rafting safety for those ladies. Guevara regaled us with some of his stories about rafting and life. I for one appreciated the style of storytelling most Spanish people grow up listening to.


Jerry Faires.jpg

Second was Jerry Faires, a first generation New Mexican, singer songwriter, poet, storyteller, and silversmith. Fairies hit that stage and utilized these traits in his performance. He is a talented musician and poetic storyteller indeed. Jerry showcased great folk storytelling tradition.

This year’s 2014 storytelling festival capped off with one spectacular performance by Antonio Rocha. A talented mime and storyteller, this native of Brazil has performed at venues such as the National Storyteller Festival, the Kennedy Center, Smithsonian Institution, and Tales of Graz in Austria.

Antonio Rocha (800x450)At his first performance in Taos, closing the 2014 SOMOS Storytelling Festival concert on Saturday night, he captivated the audience with bone tingling, blood boiling storytelling; I was left on the edge of seat and consistently intrigued. Rocha had excellent use of movement, and animation where a gesture can relate an element of the story.
The stunning Rita O’Connell, editor of livetaos.com, also made an appearance as the evening’s MC. With a natural inspiration to bring more positive into the community, this quite humorous host for the event added the extra little touch to top it off.

I would like to congratulate SOMOS, Harwood, Jacquelyn Cordova, Jan Smith, David Perez, Prudy Abelyn, and anyone else involved in making the 2014 SOMOS Storytelling festival great  😉 I’d say it’s a great start to harboring future potential soon to sprout.