Twirl Play & Discovery Space

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225 Camino del la Placitas

Taos, NM,


About Us 

Twirl is a play and discovery space situated in Taos, New Mexico. It was founded in 2007 as a for-profit toy store and play space with a mission of providing a magical space for all the children of Taos to gather, learn, create and play.

The vision of Twirl is to touch the life of every child in Taos and encourage wonder, invite curiosity, inspire creative ways of thinking, nurture self-confidence, ignite appetites for knowledge, foster skills that are relevant and lasting, and provide experiences that are transformative and empowering. We want to support teachers in schools, parents in the home and child-service providers in the field in their efforts to nurture happy, healthy, curious, creative, resilient, confident and optimistic children by enriching the play and learning landscape in Taos.

Our mission is to promote imagination and learning through play and hands-on exploration in an inspiring community space and in the community at large, through community collaborations and events, school programs, partnerships with informal learning organizations, and a mobile play and discovery van.

We desire to seek out and provide opportunities that encourage natural enquiry and playful learning. We believe that the opportunity for hands-on learning and discovery through play engages, entertains and enlightens children and helps them build confidence in their own abilities. We want to inspire imagination and creativity and encourage families to discover the joys of playing and learning together.