Wood Belly

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Wednesday, May 15th - 2019

7:00 pm - $7

Taos Mesa Brewing -- Mothership


The band was nominated for the IBMA Momentum of the Year award in August 2018 and they released their debut album Solid Ground in May 2018. It contains 12 original songs including “Wings”, “Solid Ground”, and “Jamestown”.


Wood Belly is a Denver-based bluegrass/new-grass quintet that has quickly gained traction in the bluegrass world. Led by a pair of prolific songwriters, their songs are carefully and collectively crafted to ring out with honesty and passion. A Wood Belly song has its own lyrical persona and masterful arrangement; rooted in bluegrass tradition and planted solidly in contemporary innovation. Whether it’s a hard driving bluegrass song, a multi-layered instrumental, a pop-oriented hook-laden tune, or a poetic waltz— each song has something to say. There’s an identity, a message in every song, delivered in a characteristic Wood Belly style that is warm and true, occasionally haunting and the next moment light and uplifting. The timbre of voice and strings is solid, confident, honest and playful.


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