Tony Mason

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Friday, Apr 19th - 2019

8:00 pm-10:00 pm

Taos Mesa Brewing -- Tap Room


Tony Mason re-defines the term “One Man Band”! A singer and song writer, who traveled to Vermont by way of New York City basket houses and tours of New England in clubs and schools as well as the College Coffee House circuit, Tony gets excited with the new electronics that enable him to play all the parts – and then sing, too! It has been said of him – “His barrage of charm, skill, syncopation and exuberance completely captivates the audience.”


Tony’s varied career began with appearances in the basket houses in Greenwich Village where he shared the stage with other up and coming musicians who were part of the 1960’s folk revival. During this time, he was part of a band called the Mojo Four that was the opening act for many well known period performers at the Night Owl Cafe in Greenwich Village. Tony also played with the band Children of God at venues in the Village and around the City. He worked in radio, TV and live performances with numerous local musicians and celebrities in and around New York City. He also performed for 6 weeks in Millard Lampell’s Hard Travelling at the Arena Stage in Washngton, DC.


Performing in Boston, Tony played in a duo called Tony and Eddie opening club shows for Odetta, Chuck Berry, J. Giles Blues Band and Kenny Rogers and the First Edition. Later settling in Connecticut, he performed extensively in the New Haven and Hartford area. After moving to Vermont, Tony became a member of the Vermont Touring Artists Register of the Vermont Council on the Arts working in schools around the state. He also worked as part of the College Coffee House Circuit playing on campuses in New England, the mid-Atlantic states, and the Mid-West. He continued to tour New England, playing in local clubs.


During the 1990’s, while living in Portland, Oregon, Tony developed an interest in MIDI and synthesizers. He worked and developed arrangements for many of his songs and the oneman band grew out of these creations. He has continued to grow and change these arrangements adding a variety of different styles and new material to his show. In 2016 Tony has moved to Taos, New Mexico where is meeting with and being involved in the vibrant local music scene.


Over the years Tony has moved from folk music to blues, from acoustic guitar to rhythm and blues, from a singular troubadour to band member and back again. As an entertainer, he flows from focused performer to whimsical story teller to energetic motivator all in an evening. Through his music he learns, grows and evolves, continuing to travel into new and unpredictable adventures. Be sure to catch him on his journey.

“Players drift in and out on the winds that blow to Austin, New York and L.A. But every once in a while, that drifter’s wind blows a player our way and Taos is richer for it.” M. Elwell Romancito, Jan. 5-11, 2017 Tempo Magazine/The Taos News

“Genuine and Sincere even when talking to the crowd it feels like Tony is talking only to you, the effect is always charismatic” Sky King, Sept. 30, 2011 Northcountry News

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