The Art of Noël Anderson

Monday , November 20th, 2023

All Day

B.E.E.Spoke Boutique and Art Cafe

Noël Anderson’s work begins with found objects and recycled materials such as leather, wood, shells, quills, books, and other ephemera but as Anderson combines these elements a new story begins. The familiar is transformed into the intriguing and hauntingly nostalgic.

“Despite the apparent physicality and density of my work, I have allowed a much more dreamy and unpredictable aspect to emerge. Like a good balance between play and hard work. It’s masculine and feminine at the same time.”
-Noël Anderson

Noël Anderson’s work can be seen at BEESpoke Boutique and Art Cafe on Bent Street (next to Cashmere and Chocolate / across from Lambert’s) October and November 2023. Additional work by Anderson is available at Magpie (218 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte) and Anderson’s Tattoo Parlor & Art Gallery, just two shops south of Taos Inn.