Taos Pride Short Film Festival – Screening 2

Thursday , August 4th, 2022

8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

$10/ $16 for both screenings

Taos Center for the Arts TCAtaos.org

Taos Pride Short Film Festival

Screening 2

August 4, 8pm

90 mins I Appropriate for mature audiences

* Masks are encouraged for events in the theater and while in the Encore Gallery

The Taos Pride International Short Film Festival brings together queer stories from around the world. It is a unique opportunity to quickly enjoy the wide range of perspectives and people that make up our vibrant and complex global community. This is the fifth year of the festival and it grows each time with quality and breadth of vision. Join us for a single evening with two completely different features of films.

*Screenings are 90 minutes total. Shorts within each screening range from 2 minutes to 15 minutes.



Embrace is an animated short film about asexuality–an orientation generally defined by a lack of sexual attraction, regardless of gender. The narrative explores the common asexual experience of feeling different than most of the population, and the isolation, confusion, and self-loathing that difference can create.

The Washing Machine


Starting a washing machine is not so easy for everyone. You still have to choose the right program…

The Evolution of Eileen Galvin


Eileen Galvin describes her transition through the art of burlesque.

White Horses, Silver Mine


In a small Mexican village, an unexpected car is going to take a little boy’s beloved uncle away, who has been his father’s secret lover for years.



An intimate portrait that bares the soul of artist Victoria Molotok, a trans woman who migrates to Buenos Aires pursuing a dream full of challenges.

Guys Like You


A three episode series about a gay college student trying to navigate his way through life and find his self-worth after meeting three different guys, over three different years, that each leave a unique impact on him.

What I Didn’t Say “Quello Che Non Ho Detto”


Following a violent earthquake in the hinterland of Lazio, Sebastiano is forced to go for a short stay in the large house of his aunt Lavinia and his cousin Milo, in full knowledge of himself. Cohabitation will lead the two to relive past experiences, in a hostile and provincial reality.

What if we didn’t care?


Sasha, 3, was born intersex, neither boy or girl. Their parents chose not to operate. They want Sasha to choose her/his gender one day.

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