Reading: Rhenna St. Clair and Vicky Ramakka

Saturday, Nov 16th, 2019

2:00 pm-3:30 pm


SOMOS Salon & Bookshop

What does it take for newcomers to New Mexico to arrive in, then accept, and finally come to love and adopt this state as home? Two authors who grew up on opposite sides of the country have become friends through writing and have made New Mexico their home. Both Vicky Ramakka and Rhenna St. Claire have novels coming out this fall that just happen to have lead characters who come to New Mexico to make a fresh start. The people they meet and the troubles they encounter could only happen in the Land of Enchantment.

Author Ramakka will discuss her environmental mystery, The Cactus Plot, featuring botanist, Millie Whitehall, who begins work for the Bureau of Land Management to survey endangered plants in northwest New Mexico. When autopsies show two deaths involve plants, Millie uses knowledge of ecology to investigate—before becoming another victim.

Author Rhenna St. Claire will read from Getting New Mexico, about Aaron Schuyler, a ne’er-do-well, a cheat, an exploiter, a drunk, and a lifelong New Yorker. New Mexico is about to change everything in Schuyler’s life, in this fresh and witty comedy about second chances and redemption.

Can the quirky, anti-elitist culture of New Mexico save the soul of an unrepentant jerk?

Rhenna St. Clair was born in Portland, Oregon and lived there through her college years. She first saw the Four Corners area in 1990 while traveling east by car to take a job in New Hampshire. Captured by the beauty of the land, New Mexico’s history and mix of peoples, and the depth of archaeology to be explored here, two years later she relocated to Santa Fe. After finishing studies in Chinese Medicine in 2000, she moved to the Four Corners area where she practices acupuncture and “can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

She writes or paints in oil whenever there is a spare minute. Her poetry has been published in Perspective(s) Magazine, the literary journal of San Juan College. Getting New Mexico is her first novel

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