Odenbear Theatre presents: Down the Road

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Friday, Sep 28th - 2018

7:30 pm - $15

Metta Theatre


Odenbear Theatre presents, Down the Road, by Lee Blessing, a psychological thriller that travels down a dark and frightening road into the mind of a serial killer. The story centers on a convicted serial killer and the husband and wife writing team hired to help him write an account of his crimes. As the interviews progress, the couple, Dan and Iris Henniman, grow more and more uncertain of the ethics of what they are doing.  Are they simply relating terrifying events, or are they helping readers consume them, as if they are consuming any other product of our society?  Are they, in fact, helping to turn Bill Reach into a celebrity?  This chilling story, along with the provocative questions it raises, will linger in your mind long after the performance is over.

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