Noel Anderson at magpie: opening reception

Saturday, Mar 9th, 2019

5:00 pm-7:00 pm



Noël Anderson at magpie

Broken Boundaries

March 1-30

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 9th 5-7pm

“For the past few years, I have been exploring form outside of the box, so to speak.  Although my work has pattern, method and repetition, it is met with randomness, the spontaneous and free-flow of the moment. Despite the apparent physicality, the form and the very real density of my work, I have allowed a much more dreamy and unpredictable aspect to emerge, which has been fun. Like a good balance between play and hard work, it’s masculine and feminine at the same time and the pieces themselves, I think, reflect that.

Creating has always been a part of me, who I am. I am grateful to have found a ‘something’ that I love to do. I truly believe everybody should have a ‘something’.”


Noël Anderson 2019


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