MOVEMENT/MEDICINE a community dance lab

Wednesday, Dec 11th, 2019

5:30 pm-7:15 pm



“Movement/Medicine supports the release of habitual patterns of movement and behavior while allowing the confused and shadowy sensations of something new to emerge.”  (Malone)

Movement/Medicine is offered AT-NO-COST and is open to anyone with a demanding attitude toward a thorough reexamination of the body and movement. The practice begins with a gentle warm-up followed by MB (mind/body, muscle/bone) a rigorous training which is rhythmic and dynamic. We conclude with explorations designed to sharpen focus and develop the scope of expression through the body, encompassing sensitivity training, discovery and choreographic development.  For those interested, bodywork in pairs, exchanging active and passive roles, follows.

M/M is made possible by THE CENTRE for Performance Art & Culture Medicine.

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