Little Artists’ Exploration: WATER

Saturday , April 10th, 2021

10:30 AM - 11:15 AM


Little Artists’ Exploration: Water Early childhood learners ages 3-8 (preschool- 2nd grade) and their families + caretakers join Twirl’s Amber Thomas in connecting process-based art to the environment. Zoom event Free and open to all!

Water | Register for Saturday, April 10

Workshop #1 - Water - Supply list: Salt, Food coloring, Black or Green Crayon, 3 containers to hold colored salt, Medium weight paper, Water, eye dropper, Spray bottle (optional), Tray to catch drips

Art packets are available for pick up. Call 575-770-0053 or email [email protected]

Twirl’s Amber Thomas will guide families and caretakers through a live zoom event with creative experiences to help children explore ideas around geology, challenge assumptions, and view Earth’s many movements in an artistic way. Each event will have literacy, movement, and art-making component.