Jonathan Blaustein: Party City is The Devil

Thursday, Nov 7th, 2019

All Day

Free with Admission

Harwood Museum of Art

Artist Statement: The world is drowning in garbage. We all know its true. Whether clogging our landfills, or choking fish in the sea, our addiction to things in Late Capitalist America is leading to the potential extinction of nearly everything.

In 2016, I decided to use party supplies as a metaphor for the absurdist, runaway over consumption that is depleting the world’s resources, and changing its climate. With their candy colors and chemical nature, these paper and plastic playthings are the perfect symbol for taking what we want from the Earth, rather than what we need.

Party City is the world’s biggest party supply conglomerate, so I shopped there for 1.5 years, buying objects to make into temporary sculptures in my studio.


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