Exhibition: Birds of Appetite: Yokoyama and Ostrander

Friday, Apr 26th, 2019

10:00 am-5:00 pm

Harwood Museum of Art

Birds of Appetite: Alchemy and Apparition presents work by Izumi Yokoyama and Tasha Ostrander with a common theme of nature and transformation. Yokoyama’s drawings and installation and Ostrander’s digital Light Jet prints are drawn from stand-alone series by each artist.

Ostrander’s Chemical Spirit series of landscapes and portraits find source materials and content in her environmental surroundings. Yokoyama’s Mugen–Infinitude and Dreamer on the Mesa series are intricate ink pen drawings that represent significant and transformative phases in life.

What makes Birds of Appetite so engaging is the sheer beauty of the imagery by Yokoyama and Ostrander. What makes it so potent is their capacity to imbue those images with compelling visual conceits on nature and transformation. Guest curated by Dr. Richard Tobin.

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