(EARLY TIX DISCOUNT) Veterans Offgrid Gala 2022 at Lambert’s of Taos

Thursday , November 25th, 2021

All Day


Lambert's of Taos

Veterans Offgrid is helping veterans in need build sustainable communities of Earth friendly homes, while healing the invisible wounds of war.

This Veterans Day, we at Veterans Offgrid honor those who have served, wishing our veterans enduring peace and healing.

In 2021, our veterans started a farming program and managed a stand at Taos Farmers Market. They sold ten Community Supported Agriculture shares to folks in the community and established accounts with several Taos restaurants to sell microgreens.

In 2022, we will have our first Gala fundraiser, hosted by Lambert’s of Taos. We are excited to receive the support of everyone at Lambert’s, and look forward to sharing the projects and programs we’ve been working on this year.

For Veteran’s Day we have a Gala Advance Ticket Offer that is good through the month of November 2021. You can buy one ticket for $100, or two tickets and sponsorship of a Veteran Elder for the event, for $200.

To purchase tickets, call 575-758-1009 and ask for Alicia.