Chamomile & Whiskey W Carter Sampson

Thursday, Jun 13th, 2019

8:00 pm


Taos Mesa Brewing - Mothership

Cementing a friendship that began in childhood, Koda Kerl and Marie Borgman formed the eclectic folk act Chamomile & Whiskey over a cup of hot tea with Evan Williams bourbon poured in. But the band’s name also speaks to a love of the traditional Irish tunes and bluegrass folk that gave the group traction shortly after its inception. The band, which has played national festivals and toured extensively, celebrates the release of its second full-length album, Sweet Afton, conjured from two inspirations: the well-known Afton Mountain in Nelson County and a cheap, unfiltered brand of Irish cigarettes favored by banjo player Ryan Lavin.

Carter Sampson is an Okie-born singer/songwriter with a big voice.

The Oklahoma City-based artist is blessed by a musical family legacy that includes talents like Roy Orbison.

Her journey as a naturally independent, free-spirited musician has seemed almost predestined at times. At age 15 she began experimenting with sound as a way to pass the time; now her creativity has matured into the dedicated and passionate performance that makes her a favorite female vocalist.

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