Black & White Print Show Opening with music from The White Widow and Boaz & Zito

Friday , August 5th, 2022

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Stables Gallery

Join us to celebrate the opening of The Black and White Show and The Sunshine Collective performance featuring The White Widow and Boaz & Zito

The Black and White Show  includes the work of Local Artists Sarah Hart (Hart Print Shop and Ennui Gallery), Luis Garcia (Coyote Moon), and Sarah Parker (Ennui Gallery and Lost Sunshine Cinema Collective). Hart’s humor and stylized perspective is highlighted through her screen-prints, Garcias’ traditional black and white block printed images give a bold look at the world, while Parker’s block prints and animation explore the tenderness of life in a harsh environment. The show combines these three styles to provide the viewer with a hard and humorous look at the Northern Desert of New Mexico.