ART EXHIBITION: Annex Window Series Oct.-Nov. 2021

Thursday , November 25th, 2021

All Day


LOCATION: Discover the new installation at Civic Plaza Drive as a part of our Annex Window Series.

We’ve got plastic on our minds.

With the recent closure of the Town of Taos Recycling Center, and the newly imposed single-use plastic ban, our community is being confronted with the reality of our environmental crisis. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans. While the ocean may seem miles away, we’re impacted by our own trash, with our own images of roadside trash and flapping plastic bags caught in a mesa sagebrush.

This month’s Annex Window artists, Greg and Ren, react to the Anthropocene with a whimsical installation titled, Drowning in Plastic. Transforming their trash into a diorama of a dystopian sea future complete with polyethylene resin jellyfish and haunting, reclaimed landfill Lophiiformes. Cast in an ominous black light, the deep sea reality of our impacts of consumerism are revealed in a window front on Civic Plaza Drive.

Drawing in Plastic is on view through November 30th and best viewed at night.