CANCELED: An Evening with Manhigh

Friday, Aug 16th, 2019

8:00 am


Taos Mesa Brewing - Mothership


Due to an unforeseen tragedy, Manhigh has had to cancel Friday’s show at the Morhership. Please keep them in your thoughts.


Manhigh is used with loving respect to Project Manhigh, the US space project that started in 1957, and is a symbol of leaving your familiar surroundings to search for new horizons, places you never imagined you could go. When drummer Ray Gutierrez referred to the old project, it seemed to make perfect sense. He and Gabriel Gambino, the singer and guitarist, had both recently left their former bands and found refuge in working together and searching for progressions that made them happy. For Gabrielle Gambino, the bassist, it meant something else entirely: learning to play an instrument. In April of 2017 she began playing the bass guitar, and in four short months, she found herself in a professional studio recording their first single and in September, was on a full west coast tour, experiencing something brand new. Manhigh means leaving your comfort zone and hopping into your mental balloon to ride into the stratosphere to discover just how far you can go
Heavy, tight, straight-to-the-point three piece rock and roll. Manhigh brings a new, but familiar brand of desert rock, mixing thunderous lows, punched up guitar, dancy beats and spacey vibes that will make you nod your head.
In August of 2017, they introduced “Love Letters from Space”, their debut single, which was recorded at award-winning Tijeras, New Mexico-based Third Eye Studios. This was their introductory effort prior to touring with Belo Horizonte, Brazil stoner rock band The Spacetime Ripples for six weeks, amassing their first 22 shows in just over a month in a tour ranging from Los Angeles to Seattle, Denver, and as far down as Houston, Texas from September 2017 to November 2017. In their first months as a band, they became no strangers to the road, regularly returning to past venues to play a set, no matter the day. In October 2017, the band introduced two more singles out of the same studio, “Antarctica” and “Sink into You”, on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and every other major online outlet.
In a short amount of time, Manhigh is making a name for themselves through a pure enjoyment of getting in front of new and familiar audiences, no matter their time slot, the size of the audience, or the genre of the artists their share the stage with. Manhigh performs their increasingly well attended shows with the guarantee of entirely honest effort and respect for the audience as they put on their best show possible each and every time.

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