Zephaniah Stringfield and Evil English

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Saturday, Jun 16th - 2018

8:00 pm - FREE

The Burger Stand at Taos Ale House


Minimalist rock duo Evil English offer a raw, esoteric soundscape from their home in Durham, North Carolina. Vocalist Lindsey Elcessor’s romantic lyricism weaves worlds of beauty with that of loss, modernity, and nature akin to authors of magical realism. Behind the kit, Robert Chamberlain lays a solid foundation of sparse, low end percussion and synthesizers. With a sound often compared to the gothic rock vanguard of the late 60’s, the two offer a new perspective on independent rock music.

Taos’ own, Zephaniah Stringfield sings songs about his travels from the SF Bay Area to New Mexico and beyond, weaving biblical references and archetypes of traditional folklore with stories of highways, girls and greyhound buses. His songs echo bluegrass and country music, rock-a-billy and the blues, but his clever lyrics and up-front delivery are both modern and relevant.

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