TCA Exhibits at Historic Taos Inn: Robbie Steinbach — Geometry of The Spirit

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Monday, Apr 16th - 2018

10:00 am-5:00 pm - Free

Adobe Bar at The Historic Taos Inn


The Historic Taos Inn, all day, every day

The ancient buildings in Spain and Morocco are a tapestry of stone created by repeating arches and interwoven lines, crescents and diamonds, letters entwined with vines, feathers, and leaves. They are “geometry of the spirit.”

These edifices originated during an eight-century experiment in which communities of Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived and worked and debated side by side. This extended experiment, called the convivencia, has not been equaled since. It had its setbacks and atrocities, but also led to innumerable scientific, artistic, and literary advances during long stretches of relative peace. In our current divisive times, much could be learned from this crucible of cultures.

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