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Saturday, Jan 13th - 2018

2:00 pm - $30

St. Francis Plaza


THE SPIRIT OF PLANTS/THE MAGIC OF WATER is an Herbal Workshop with Rachel Burgos of Snakeroot Apothecary at Psychic Sink

The act of using herbal medicine to heal ourselves is a spiritual exchange. This class will go deep with plant spirits & the rituals of water. We will discuss plant energies & how to use them to stay in connection & how to use water for ritual and prayer.

Rachel Burgos is an herbalist residing in the Mojave Desert town of Joshua Tree, CA or occupied native Newe, Serrano, Southern Paiute, Chemehuevi land. She dedicates her clinical work to provide preventative health care & education using plant, stone, animal & earth medicines in a holistic way. This encompasses but not limited to focusing on the patterns of imbalance we create through various traumas, ancestral patterning for both chronic and acute, emotional, physical or spiritual imbalances. Her work is centered in social justice, activism, & healing for not only humans but the greater ecology.

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