SMU-in-Taos 2018 Summer Colloquium Series

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Tuesday, Aug 14th - 2018

7:00 pm-8:00 pm - Free



“Franciscans and New Mexico: a Four Hundred Year Conversation”  Conceiving the study of history as a conversation with people who have been to times and places that we cannot visit, we will listen for Franciscan voices which have echoed across New Mexico since 1598.  And as in any good conversation, comments often lead to questions and those questions can lead us to unexpected insights into our own lives and the unseen forces which shape the world in which we live.

Jack Clark Robinson, O.F.M. has been an “insider” student of Franciscan history in the United States and the Southwest in particular since becoming a Franciscan friar in 1981.  He has taught young Franciscans from all across the country, as well as Canada, England, Ireland, Singapore and Australia for over twenty years.  Currently, he serves his Franciscan brothers of the Southwest as their Minister Provincial.

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