Shadow Work & Self Healing Workshop

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Sunday, Jan 14th - 2018

6:30 pm-8:30 pm - $15-$20 Suggested Contribution

High Frequency Loft


In this Beginner’s class, facilitator, Hunter Moore, will be discussing Shadow Work & Emotional Healing. Participants will go through the process of transmutation and how to apply in practice for self healing, connection and energy work leading to self mastery. Through the understanding of Shadow Work we can begin the path to liberation and inner peace and apply it in our daily lives. This work can be painful, it can be terrifying, it is designed to bring past traumas up that are not comfortable to re-live or experience. But it is the path to True Freedom. The more we are aware of our Shadow the more conscious we are as a living being. The awakening process is simply remembering what you are and the true power you posses. You are not your story, you are so much more …..



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