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Saturday, Dec 7th - 2013

9:00 pm - $5

Taos Mesa Brewing -- Mothership


Psychodillo, Front Range JamGrass where tradition meets innovation

Psychodillo is Colorado Front Range JamGrass where tradition meets innovation.  Bridging bluegrass with rock, folk, & psychedelic influences, the music of Psychodillo is difficult to categorize, although the sound is consistent & they are definitely focused on crafting quality songs.  The concentration of Psychodillo is the song, but adding in their impeccable instrumental prowess culminates in a combination guaranteed to put a smile on your face, touch your heart, ignite your imagination, soothe your soul, & get you out of your chair to shake it.  Stop shaking your chair!  That’s not what we meant & you know it.  We meant dancing, of course.  Please put the chair down before someone gets hurt.

No one is exactly sure of the true origin of Psychodillo, but legend has it that he was raised by a pack of jackalopes in the Texas Hill Country, surviving on wild herbs, berries, locusts, honey, mushrooms, & cactus.  Needless to say some of those things led to some fairly strange dreams, & may have contributed to a rather extensive imagination.  Psychodillo is rumored to take many forms, including but not limited to armadillo, bison, eagle, wolf, and chupacabra.  Most known sightings are in human form.  Some say it’s because long arms & opposable thumbs enable him to play guitar, while others say it’s because the human form produces considerably more intelligible vocals.  Have you ever heard a bison sing?  I still have no idea what they are carrying on about.  He made his first guitar by stringing juvenile grape vine across a rusty fence post attached to a tortoise shell, but soon switched to a more traditional rosewood/spruce/mahogany instrument because, frankly, girls like wood.  OK, OK, it’s about the tone, but girls like that too, at least the smart ones do.  Psychodillo first played music in the wilderness, luring farmers & ranchers daughters out into the night.  He then moved to playing road houses since that’s where the girls were, anyway.  These days you are likely to find him in a road house, night club, festival, or brewery.

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