Poet Frank Oatman reads from “We, Dancers”

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Wednesday, Jun 27th - 2018

7:30 pm-8:30 pm - Free



Written over a 50+ year span, Frank Oatman’s poetry employs a number modes and styles. The majority is rather philosophical, Wallace Stevens and Gary Snyder are major influences. A profound love for the natural world, as well as hurt for its modern depredation, are pronounced themes. Some poems however are humorous; and some are unabashed in their open (never vulgar I promise) address of homosexual experience. One could say that much of my poetry is about love — and the prices of love; but then, one could say that about almost all poetry of any depth.

I’ve published poetry but in rather obscure, low-circulation journals (so typically). But I hope that “We Dancers’ will be available as a book soon.

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