Opening Your Telepathic Channels – 6 Week Course

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Sunday, Jul 1st - 2018

4:00 pm-6:00 pm - Sliding Scale $150-$200

High Frequency Loft


Join Lindsay Aya McGowen for Six Sundays and Awaken your innate ability to communicate with Higher Realms

We are multi-dimensional beings living in a multi-dimensional world. Communicating with ethereal realms is your birthright, a sacred gift that is alive in every cell of your being.

As we birth a new level of consciousness on the planet we are naturally called to connect with the vibrational world of subtle energy. Once we open the door to this vast universe we can meet our spiritual guides, angels & archangels, avatars, ascended masters, devas & ancient guardians, deceased loved ones, totem animals, star beings & more.

Like learning a new language, honing telepathic skills requires trust, play, & practice.
Your journey begins now. Learn at



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