Masks of the Divine Feminine: Her Faces Both Tender & Fierce

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Saturday, Apr 22nd - 2017

10:00 am-4:00 pm - $95



The Divine Feminine is now re-emerging after thousands of years of patriarchal oppression. She wears many faces and goes by many names such as Isis, Mother Mary, Venus, Kwan Yin, Sekhmet, and Kali. Some of Her expressions are tender and filled with compassion while other aspects of the Divine Feminine are fierce and formidable. We desperately need all of Her expressions to assist with the healing and transformation of our world!

In this mask-making workshop, led by artist and Spiritual mentor Sajit Greene, you’ll discover a face of the Divine Feminine that speaks most powerfully to you. When the masks are complete, participants will use music and movement to evoke your masks’ special magic and messages.

$95 – Cost includes all materials. Please bring a lunch.
Central Taos location will be emailed to attendees. For more information please visit

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