Guerrilla Photo Group Taos

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Thursday, Dec 7th - 2017

7:00 pm-11:30 pm



Guerrilla Photo Group was founded in 2006. We’re an ongoing creative collaborative focused on making photographic art in a social, fun and safe environment. The weekly group is FREE, but we encourage everyone to bring something to share (beer and cupcakes are the current favorites).

Although GPG has some aspects of a seminar, looks like a meet-and-greet and happens regularly like a class, it’s none of the above. Friends are made quickly around here.

The basic premise is that if you throw total noobs and working pros into a photo studio-shaped blender… giving them all full access to each others respective creativity, passion and expertise… that out the other end comes fantastic photographic art. It’s sometimes silly, dark, surprising, gorgeous …frequently edgy. This ain’t your after-school photography class. It’s a creative playground for grown-ups. We allow booze. We allow nudity. We’re pro-art, pro-active, pro-woman and pro-education. We’re diverse, anti-pretension and jerk intolerant. If this sounds like your cup-o-tea, feel free to drop us a line!

This is a maker space for photography and all kinds of skill sets are needed!

Invite anyone you think could benefit from having a free photo studio at their disposal for an evening!


Any inquires can be directed at Marion Carrillo here on facebook or by phone 505-818-4595

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