Body-Nature Symbolism Dance Workshop

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Thursday, Sep 14th - 2017

7:00 pm-8:30 pm - See website for details



In this workshop series you will learn and incorporate The Silvestre Dance Technique: Contemporary Brazilian Dance developed by Rosangela Silvestre – internationally celebrated dancer, teacher, & choreographer from Bahia, Brazil. Regardless of previous dance experience we will develop, evolve and discover our potential as we move to condition the body, mind and spirit for dance; Incorporating the four elements of nature, the energy systems of the body, and African Brazilian symbolism.

Workshops/classes in this series are taught by Kaley Isabella and are hosted at TaoSatva, in addition, two workshops are held within natural landscapes in Taos, New Mexico. Immersing our discovery in nature allows for the deep experiencing of these forces alive within us and around us, which inspire the symbols and memories inside our dancing bodies.

Workshops held within the natural landscapes are accompanied by live-music precussion. Studio calsses feature a fusion of Brazilian Jazz, Lyrical, Folkloric and African based rhythms.

Overall, this workshop series is here to guide movement with consciousness, visualization, expression and balance though the variations in center work, movement across the floor, and choreography.

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