BAMBI: FREE SCREENING! TCA’s Weeklong 35mm Film Bash

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Sunday, Sep 17th - 2017

2:00 pm-3:30 pm - Free

Taos Community Auditorium


Disney’s 75 year-old elegantly animated and deeply touching classic about a young deer growing up in the forest. A must-see on the BIG screen if ever there was one.Bambi is one of 4 films included in our 35mm week-long Film Bash — other films are Chinatown, Blazing Saddles and Barbarella.

Bambi screenings are FREE to the public, first-come, first-served, and all ages are welcome. Doors open at 1:15pm.

A year and a half ago the Taos Community supported the TCA in a capital campaign to not only install a Digital Theater System with a new 35’ Big Screen but to also keep Film alive. This 35mm Film Bash celebrates the final phase in the completion of a theater that has the capability to do it all…Digital, DVD, Blu-Ray and Film. The TCA thanks all members and donors once again for making this happen!


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