An Evening of Storytelling and Flamenco

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Saturday, Jun 23rd - 2018

5:30 pm-7:00 pm - $5



Join Local Novelist Michelle Adam and Flamenco Singer & Guitarist Ronaldo Baca and Dancer Catalina Rio-Fernandez for an evening of Spanish passion and storytelling from Adam’s novel, Child of Duende.  Touted by local and world-renowned teacher Sandra Ingerman and NY Times Bestselling Author, John Perkins, CHILD OF DUENDE: A Journey of the Spirit is a magical story of a young girl in Málaga, Spain whose grandmother names her Duende, a word meaning the spirit of the earth. She dances with Gypsies, travels with a nature spirit below the sea, and has dreams that transform her reality and that of Ingrid, a journalist who visits Málaga to uncover a story of supernatural vines and a truth that’s been buried in the earth for millennia. INFO: [email protected] or 575-758-0081; RSVP: [email protected] or 505 923 0649; COST: $5.00 @ books for sale












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