Pot Creek String Band

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Thursday, Jun 14th - 2018

7:00 pm

Taos Mesa Brewing -- Mothership


Based in Taos, New Mexico, the Pot Creek String Band, or simply Pot Creek, brings the
upbeat, rawboned rhythms and dark, high-lonesome sound of Appalachian-based
Americana music to the streets, festivals, and watering holes of the mountain west. The
group draws on a love of the crooked melodies and spooky ballads of mountain music
and the roots of the tunes in the reels, jigs, and airs of Irish and Scottish music. The band
has been playing together since 2014 and still includes the original three members.
Banjo Billy Stewart plays five-string banjo in the claw-hammer style as well as the
bodhran (Irish drum), but also draws on experience in the west-coast punk scene to
bring a special energy to the group. Jimmie Killingsworth plays mandolin and octave
mandolin, and brings four decades of experience in old-time, bluegrass, and Celtic music
to the mix. Steve Smith, with his classical training and decades of experience in choral
music, provides the foundation of the Pot Creek sound with his string bass. The music is
made to get your blood flowing, set your body in motion, and free your mind.

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