Kate Rivers At DAFA

David Anthony Fine Art (DAFA) is hosting an Opening Reception for Santa Fe-based artist Kate Rivers December 3rd 4-7p.m. Works featured will include her Nest Series, Book Spine Series, and Abstractions in a festive atmosphere.

David Anthony Mapes, who runs DAFA, has been committed to showcasing talented artists like Rivers since the gallery’s inception in 2011. The stunning gallery highlights works from artists all over the country, including local artists Christy Schwathe, Bill Davis, Carroll Griesedieck, and John Farnsworth. Both the space and these works are well worth a visit.

When you enter DAFA, the first thing you notice may be one of Rivers’ swirling, complex nests. Or it may be a new glass sculpture from Leon Appelbaum. Or a large, modern painting of wild creatures from Peter Opheim. In the front room of the gallery, along with these works, Mapes will be offering refreshments to the public for the reception Saturday night.

Winter Aspens by Kate Rivers

Winter Aspens by Kate Rivers

Whether you are a collector and simply an art connoisseur, Rivers’ mixed media collages are a sight to behold.  The inspiration for her large-scale nests came from a hike during an artist retreat in 2007; according to her artist statement, each of these works contains material from and makes reference to a specific point in time. Her Book Spine Series features works collaged out of book spines to form new images and associations—a rainbow, aspens, mountains, an animal standing in a field. Her newest collection, Abstractions, brings attention to the obsessiveness of collecting by rearranging everyday items like receipts into new patterns. Remarkably, these works are both visually striking and food for thought. DAFA features works of all sizes and for many different aesthetics and will offer a 10% discount on Kate Rivers’ work at the Opening Reception on Saturday (with free delivery to Taos and Santa Fe).

What is truly remarkable in Rivers’ work is her outstanding attention to detail. I can hardly imagine the patience, curiosity, and tender placement of each piece that it took to collage one of these works, let alone several of them. That Rivers creates larger images out of smaller elements is impressive; that she does so while highlighting humorous book titles, setting up surprising juxtapositions, or getting us to reconsider our collections at home is electrifying. What can be discovered in each individual work is not only small details missed on a first glance but also self-reflection on which details speak to us most readily. Then there are splashes of paint across already mixed media, which both draw the image together and give us more specific spots on the canvas to notice. I recommend taking time with each piece and letting it show you its various layers. Mapes is to be commended for recognizing Rivers’ talent and for showcasing it in his gallery.

San Juan Canyon by Kate Rivers

San Juan Canyon by Kate Rivers

As a local business owner, Mapes is committed to the revitalization of the downtown district. Since the reception will take place the same night as the Lighting of Ledoux, Mapes worked with the Town of Taos to bring in sand for several faralitos outside his business and all along Kit Carson Raod Saturday evening.  Mapes has banded together with other gallery owners in his area to name and energize the Kit Carson Road Arts and Cultural District, which abuts the plaza area.  Of the overall revitalization effort, Mapes remarked, “Kit Carson is excited to be a part of the growing of this area and hopefully the whole downtown.”

Make it a point to visit DAFA this Saturday, December 3rd and enjoy this tremendous offering of artwork in Taos and kick off the holiday season together.

David Anthony Fine Art is located at 132 Kit Carson Road (next to Caffe Tazza)